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Bioworld story
About Us
Bioworld Technology is the manufacturer of over 15,000 highly purified Monoclonal and Polyclonal Antibodies, Peptides, Proteins, and other related Research Products. Our products are used in all biological fields. An important focus in research taking place today is in work investigating Signal transduction pathways, Cardiac markers, Neuroscience as well as Stem cell research. We are committed to providing customers with innovative research tools, and to helping scientists determine the mechanisms of cell function and disease.

Bioworld Technology is one of the leading phospho-antibody manufacturers. We have produced over 500 phospho-antibodies for AKT, AMPK, GSK, STAT pathways. The peptides corresponding to each phospho-antibody are also listed on our website to aid our customers in their research.

All of our high quality antibodies, peptides and kits were tested in our facility with original published pictures included on our webpages. We have a commitment to customer service and offer 100% quality satisfaction. If our products do not match the results listed on the data sheet, we will help you to trouble shoot or refund for the full credit.

Bioworld Technology continues to manufacture product lines to the highest standards; and all our scientists are dedicated to the mystery of the world of science.
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